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Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for Financial Information students and professionals. Beta Alpha Psi provides opportunities for the development of technical and professional skills to complement university education, participation in community service, and interaction among students, faculty, and professionals.

We are a professional organization on campus aimed at helping accounting, finance, and information systems students obtain professional, networking, and communication skills. We develop strong ties with fellow students, professionals, and communities through our professional & peer mentoring, social events, and community service activities.

Beta Alpha Psi was established in 1919 to encourage and to recognize scholastic and professional excellence in the field of accounting. Throughout the years, the fraternity has grown to include financial and information systems students and professionals due to the interrelated work.



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Beta Alpha Psi Western REGIONALs

After transferring from my community college to California State University, Fullerton, I had no idea what to expect or what to pursue while there. I felt as if it was me vs. the entire university. However, I found that to be wrong when I joined Beta Alpha Psi, Delta Beta chapter. I came to discover that it wasn’t me against the university, it was me and a new family in pursuit of common goals.
This image is a great analogy of what it means to be a part of BAP for past, present, and future generations of BAP. That analogy is that no matter how many battles we face like the blue and red robots, we’ll face them as a team, as a family, and WIN!

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